Home Remedies for Abortion to Abort an Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally

There are lots of instances when people aren’t ready to take the responsibility of a newborn baby; hence they choose several ways with which they can abort their babies. Nowadays there are lots of ways available using which one can abort her baby. Medical kits are there, other medicines, injections are there to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. However, it has been observed that most of them are not safe for a woman. That is why we prefer that rather than opting for medicine; people should try various homemade remedies for abortion. Most of the people don’t know about these homemade remedies. Hence they choose various other ways of aborting their babies. For the novice, here are a few homemade remedies using which one can abort her baby.

Abortion Using Papaya

papaya for abortion

As we all know that Papaya is enriched with lots of vitamins including vitamin C. And doctors all around the world suggest patients stay away from vitamin C as it can affect the growth of the fetus and can eventually cause an abortion. Papaya contains two enzymes namely chymopapain and papain. Papain can cause abortion of babies and for those who don’t want a baby at this time can eat lots of papayas. By eating lots of Papaya, they will eventually abort their child without any problem. And this way is 100% safe for a woman’s body.
Homemade remedy using Cinnamon – Cinnamon is one of the most used spice in every home, but most of us don’t know that it can also be used for abortion. Using cinnamon can not only lead to abortion, but it will also lower the pain caused by it. By consuming cinnamon the size of the uterus increases hence it induces abortion. Thus, one looking to abort her baby can eventually take a few cinnamon supplements, and she wouldn’t even get to know about the abortion.

Natural Abortion Using Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh for Abortion

Black Cohosh is one of the most used plant’s species for making different kinds of home remedies. American people use it for several problems, for example, mood swings, depression, etc. But most of the people don’t know that these plant species can lead a lady to abort her baby. This wouldn’t happen instantly, but after regular consumption, the abortion will occur. But for this, one needs to consult a well-known herbalist to ask for the dose of this great plant.

Hot Shower for Natural Abortion

Hot Shower for Abortion

Scientists have also found out that taking a hot shower every day can also lead to abortion. And this can work even better if the woman combines it by following other homemade remedies too like the ones mentioned above. This is another painless way of aborting a baby. And it can be said that it is the simplest way for abortion.

Sesame Seeds and Honey

sesame seeds with honey

Everyone knows about sesame seeds and its properties due to which one can abort her baby quite quickly. But if you mix sesame seeds with honey, you can get instant miscarriage without much pain. There are lots of homemade remedies available using sesame seeds and honey and one can choose any of them and can get rid of her unwanted pregnancy.

Pineapple Juice to Abort Unwanted Pregnancy

Pineapple Juice

Like papaya, pineapple also contains lots of vitamin C in it, and it also contains an enzyme named Bromelain which is very harmful to a pregnant lady, and it can eventually cause many miscarriages. Thus pineapple is known as one of the best food to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. All one need to do is to make its juice by adding some amount of water, and when consumed regularly, one will get rid of her unwanted pregnancy quickly.

Angelica Sinensis and Warm Water

Angelica Sinensis and Hot Water for Abortion

Angelica Sinensis or Dong Quai is another plant species which is used to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This plant contains lots of powers through which it can control the reproductive system of a lady and not only that it also lead to promote menstruation. In addition to it Dong Quai also contains some essential oils using which it relaxes the uterus of a woman and hence while the abortion is happening, it wouldn’t cause a lot of pain.

Parsley and Water for Natural Abortion


Parsley is considered as one of the most successful ways of abortion regarding homemade remedies, and the same is well-known throughout the world. The parsley leaves contain some components which promote menstruation, and continuous consumption of these leaves with warm water can lead to abortion. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancy as one just need the handful of parsley leaves and some water, and it will do the required work for you. There are plenty of remedies made using parsley and one can choose from any of them to get the solution.

Vitamin C Sources to Abort Pregnancy Naturally

Vitamin C Sources for Abortion

There are lots of vegetables, fruits, juices and other food items that are full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is strictly prohibited during pregnancy period as it can lead a woman to miscarriage. Hence one who is looking to abort her child can consume lots of vitamins daily, and she can get the result that she desired for. This is not a very painful process thus lots of people follow it. Vitamin C is found in oranges, lemon, other citrus fruits and various other items. One should ask a doctor about its dosage as over-consumption of vitamin C can lead to several other health problems.

Aspirin to End A Pregnancy Naturally at Home

Aspirin for Abortion

Aspirin tablets are the most common tablets as people keep it in their houses for emergency purposes. But it has been found that aspirin tablets can also be used for abortion as these tablets promote menstruation and hence continuous consumption of these tablets may get rid of your unwanted pregnancy. Usually people consume 4 to 10 tablets with water for the best results; however, one should consult a doctor before consuming these tablets.

Dried Chamomile with hot Water to Terminate Pregnancy

Dried Chamomile for Abortion

As we know that there are lots of ways using which one can get rid of unwanted pregnancies, using dried chamomile with water is one of those ways. Though it is recommended to pregnant ladies to drink chamomile tea, over consumption of everything is harmful to the human body, and the same implies here as well as chamomile is an abortifacient and over dosage of it can lead to abortion. Though making the tea is very easy as one need 2 to 3 spoons of dried chamomile and 1 cup of water. But you need to make sure that if you want the abortion, you need to drink it continuously.

Banana Leaves and Acacia Pods for Abortion

Banana Leaves & Acacia Pods for Abortion

This is not a popular way of abortion, and it is not known to lots of people. Still, a lot of people has tried, and they have declared that it showed satisfactory results. For the abortion one just need some unripe acacia pods, shoots of banana leaf, a teaspoon of sugar and 1 cup of water. First, you need to mix first three ingredients and convert into a dried powder. After the mixture is transformed into a powdered state, now you need to mix it into the water and drink it. This should regularly be consumed until the bleeding starts.

Have Sex to Abort Pregnancy Naturally

Have Sex for Abortion

This way of abortion is not known to lots of people, but it is also considered as one of the best ways for abortion. But, you need to make sure that you choose this method during the first or second month of pregnancy only. Otherwise, it will be very painful for you, and it can cause some other health problems to your body as well. For safe abortion, try to have sex during the first month of pregnancy only.

Pennyroyal for Abortion

Pennyroyal for Abortion

Mentha pulegium, Hedeoma pulegioides or pennyroyal is another plant species using which one can get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It is also known as mosquito plant, squaw mint, etc. This plant contracts the uterus of a woman, and it causes natural abortion. You need to consume a certain amount of pennyroyal oil; tea or pills a day after consulting the doctor and it will result in natural abortion without much pain. But it has been said that women should not use this internally as it may cause fatal diseases to their bodies.

Use Goji Berry for Natural Abortion

Goji Berry for Abortion

As we have already told you that vitamin C is the most used component if someone wants an abortion and for that people can use Goji berry which is full of vitamin C and other elements which lead to abortion. Goji berry not only contains vitamin C, but it also contains carotenoids like lutein, lycopene, Zeaxanthin and not only this, it also have anti-inflammatory properties which can help women to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies by consuming it daily.

Exercising to Abort Early Pregnancy

Exercising for Abortion

Though exercising is recommended to pregnant women, heavy exercises are strictly prohibited like weight lifting, skipping rope, etc. are not recommended for expectant mothers. These exercises can lead you to abortion, though it may cause you some pain. Eventually, you will get rid of your unwanted pregnancy. In final months of pregnancy, climbing stairs is strictly prohibited, and if during the last months, one feels that she is not ready for the child, she can climb stairs several times a day to get a natural abortion.

Acupuncture a Natural Way for Abortion

Acupuncture for Abortion

Though acupuncture is used by people to stay away from several diseases and to get rid of several mental issues like depression, stress, etc. But many people don’t know that acupuncture can be used to abort a child as well. This method of abortion is quite painless, and thus it should be utilized by people who don’t want a child at this time. Doctors even advice that pregnant ladies should not do acupuncture if they don’t want to suffer a miscarriage. Thus, if you want a natural abortion, this is one of the best ways to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy.

Primrose Oil to Terminate Pregnancy Naturally

Primrose Oil for Abortion

Evening primrose oil is used to get rid of several problems, and it is used by several people to avoid diseases like asthma, leg pain, diabetes, obesity, whooping cough, ulcer disease, etc. It is also used to strengthen up weaker bones, and it is also used by people to get rid of skin diseases. But a lot of individuals are not aware of the fact that this oil can also be used for abortion. For abortion, you need to massage your cervix every day with primrose oil and not only that you also need to consume some pills of primrose oil every day for a natural abortion. Still, for the best dosage, you should consult a doctor before consuming it.

Consumption of Ancient Herbs for Natural Abortion

Like black cohosh, several other ancient herbs can be used for successful natural abortion. These herbs can be blue cohosh and many others which contain several components which can lead to natural abortion without causing much pain to a woman. Though people don’t show much faith in these ancient herbs, yet they have shown amazing results to cure several diseases and to cause miscarriage as well.

So these were 19 best homemade remedies for a natural abortion. These remedies are not very well known around the world, people use a few of them, but they also don’t show a good amount of faith on these remedies. We feel that these homemade remedies show people make amazing results and these remedies after testing them on a certain amount of individuals and if these treatments can cause miscarriage to those people, the same can happen with you as well. So avoid taking several expensive medical kits and pills for the abortion of your unwanted child as you can abort your baby in very less money through some natural remedies. So before consulting a doctor for your abortion, you should try one of these homemade remedies to get the best results. These remedies are natural and don’t even cause much pain to a woman, hence for us; these are the best methods for abortion.term paper