3rd week of pregnancy

3rd Week of Pregnancy, Symptoms & Development of the Baby

The third week of pregnancy ushers in a bundle of more good news for wanna-be mommies and daddies. The sperm already fertilized the ovum or the egg at the beginning of the week. With this, the body has just entered into its first stage of transformation to create the perfect room for your baby to evolve. In medical language, you have already stepped into the first month of the first trimester. The baby at this week is only a bundle of cells ready to grow into a beautiful little human.

While many women realize they are pregnant right after they have conceived there are others who find it out only around this week. This week is a significant week to let you know with all assurance that you are indeed pregnant. Thanks to the symptoms! You will probably realize that this month your period is surely not showing up anymore. What’s more, a light implantation bleeding will most likely leave you all the more suspicious!

Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 3

The week 3 of pregnancy is more noticeable than the first couple of weeks with lots more actions taking place within the body. The hormonal changes cause the early symptoms of pregnancy, and since in the early stages their levels are not that high, many women do not even realize they are pregnant as they do not experience any symptoms. At week three, however, symptoms start getting more prominent with many beginning to feel what is called the morning sickness. Fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea become a constant companion for many beginning from this week and lasting through the first trimester.

You may begin to feel such queasiness at times that you may have to rush inside the bathroom to throw-up. However, that’s only normal in pregnancy, and it is caused by the hCG or pregnancy hormone. Morning sickness is often at its worse already at three weeks if one is pregnant with twins. This is because when you have twins, the pregnancy hormone is also more within your body making you feel all the more nauseated.

The breasts at this point of pregnancy also tend to feel more sore and tender. Some women may even feel their nipples darkening. All these physical changes indicate the breast is also getting ready to support the baby and it is only a sign that it is prepping for milk production after birth. Many women may also experience spotting which is implantation bleeding. This occurs when the fertilized ovum implants itself into the uterus wall.

Many women who had not experienced any symptoms until the end of the third week may suddenly begin realizing they could be pregnant and one important sign for that is missed a period. This is more so if your cycle is shorter than 28 days. The best way to make sure of your pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test or see the doctor.

Bodily Changes at 3rd Week of Pregnancy

If you have been awaiting pregnancy, you must be excited about your tummy showing the baby bulge. But hold on a few weeks more to be able to flaunt that cute belly bulge with a little bunny angel tucked inside snugly. Although you may feel bloated at times at this stage, you will not start to show pregnant until around week 12, more so if you have maintained a toned belly throughout.

Baby’s Development in Week 3

The ovum or the egg is now fertilized at this stage and is on its way through the fallopian tube. The egg undergoes several divisions as it makes its way to the uterus. At this stage the ovum is merely a collection of cells and is known as a zygote. Over the following days, it goes through several stages. It eventually transforms into a blastocyst by the time it floats into the uterus through the fallopian tube and implants itself.

If you go for an ultrasound at this stage, your baby may yet not be detected because of its very small size. It is smaller even than a grain of salt. However, hold tight another week as in the following week your doctor will tell you that the uterine lining is thickening up. This is a good sign which means the egg has implanted itself in the uterus.

Tips for Three-week Pregnancy

While it is a popular idea to begin eating for two, one for yourself and the other for your baby, it is a good idea rather, to take it slow and easy. Doctors recommend gaining three to five pounds of weight in the first trimester or the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy. The best you can start doing at this stage is to adopt a healthy balanced diet if you already were not much into it. With this, you can take your prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your obstetrician. You might already have also been prescribed at least 400 micrograms of folic acid supplements daily which you need to continue taking. Calorie intake is only recommended around the second trimester, once you hit the fourteenth week. You will be required to put in 300 calories more per day.

Prep Up with Some Exercise

The importance of a healthy mind and a fit body cannot be stressed enough during pregnancy. Bearing another human, no matter how tiny, for nine months within your body is not easy. Your body needs to be in its best fitness and health for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. This is an excellent week to warm up for the more challenging days to come. Begin with some gentle yet strengthening exercises like cardiovascular workouts, prenatal yoga, mild aerobics and brisk walking. A birthing ball is one of the best exercise accessories for pregnant women. It will help you strengthen your muscles more effectively and safely and train your body for an easier labor and childbirth. However, it is also important that you consult your doctor or a pregnancy fitness expert before delving any exercise routine, particularly if you would like to continue some high-intensity exercises.

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