7th week of pregnancy

7th Week of Pregnancy

It’s seven weeks of your pregnancy, and you are already more than halfway of your first trimester. So, if you have been guarding this fantastic news as a secret, it’s a good time to let it out and share it with your loved ones. While the symptoms may be wearing you out a bit (or maybe more than just a bit for some you!), nevertheless this journey is going to be an amazing, life-altering experience as you brave through this challenging yet strengthening journey into motherhood. Maybe you would like to get an appointment with your doctor and see if it is possible to go for an ultrasound scan.

Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 7

At seven weeks, your body will keep you busy with loads of signs. While for some of you they will not be very bothering, many of you may have quite a hard time going through the changes. At week 7, morning sickness is quite strong. You could be experiencing nausea just about any time of the day. This could be more discomforting if you are expecting twins. The symptoms of nausea and vomiting will be more in your case as your body will have heightened levels of hormones. Morning sickness also includes severe food aversions as you may find the smell or taste of certain foods quite repelling.

Frequent urination can make you do numerous trips to the bathroom. This is because of the increased pressure in your bladder as your uterus is expanding. This continues throughout the day as well as throughout the night. Some women also experience a sudden acne breakout. While this is not as common as the other symptoms but it does occur and is mainly caused by the fluctuating hormones.

You could also be slightly bothered as you could feel some extra saliva in your mouth. It is also not uncommon to salivate during sleep when pregnant. At week 7, it’s quite possible for you to experience some cramping in your lower abdomen, very similar to the abdominal pain before or during the menstrual cycle. Some of you may even experience slight spotting after sex as your cervix has become more sensitive now.

Bodily Changes at Seven Weeks of Pregnancy

While your tummy might still not give out your pregnancy, there is a much going on inside your body. The pregnancy hormones and the reproductive system of your body are in full function making more room for your baby to develop, to supply it oxygen and nutrition. You might like to note that every woman’s body is different and while some have the baby bulge earlier than others, others, owing to their body type may take some more time to show. Also, if you have already born a child before, you are likely to look pregnant sooner than the first time mothers.

Baby’s Development in Week 7

You would be delighted to know how the little one in your womb is developing at fast pace. At week 7, your baby is on his way to form his hands and legs. Although at this early a stage they still appear to be like paddles, the good news is the process of limb development has kick-started. Your baby is still at the embryo stage and bears a small tail which is the tailbone extension.

Within a few weeks, the tail will disappear. However, that will be the only body part that will reduce in size. Your baby is already double the size than it was in week 6. It now measures half an inch, just about the size of a blueberry. The eyes had just started to develop last week, and this week they also have eyelid folds. The nose has a small tip, and the thin parchment skin reveals the tiny veins that run across. The brain is growing, and the liver is synthesizing red blood cells to form the bone marrow.

Your blueberry sized tiny bundle of joy also has a pancreas and an appendix and produces insulin to help in digestion. The intestines are growing too, and a loop is bulging into the umbilical cord. This has the blood vessels which act as oxygen and nutrition carriers. However, most of the growth takes place within your little one’s brain whose cells are dividing at the rate of 100 per minute.

On week 7, your baby is also developing his/her mouth and tongue. The kidneys are already there waiting to begin functioning. Soon, your baby will even begin passing urine.

Tips for Seven-Week Pregnancy

Week 7 is a high time you see your OB. You could be having loads of questions right now, and it would be wise to jot them down, so you don’t miss clearing any doubt with your doctor. Also, if you are already on some medication for any health condition, bring the prescription as well as any over-the-counter medicine during your appointment. This is just to discuss with your healthcare provider if all these medications are safe to be used during pregnancy or not.

You must already be very eager to know your due date. To calculate that is very simple. Simply let your doctor or midwife know the first date of your last period. They will use this date to calculate your due date. You can also do this quite easily with the help of an online due date calculator. However, in case you couldn’t keep track of your last period or have irregular periods, you can request your caregiver for an early ultrasound. This will help detect your expected date of delivery.

Finally, with the symptoms taking their toll on you, you would like to be on your guard. You can make some lifestyle changes which will help you manage your pregnancy symptoms better. For example, you can start by eating smaller and more frequent meals. This will offer significant relief from nausea caused by morning sickness. For the same reason, you could eat dry cereal and soda crackers after 15 minutes of getting up in the morning. Often, empty stomach causes nausea, and you can easily avert it using this tip. If nausea still strikes, sniff ginger or lemons. Alternately, you can drink the soothing watermelon juice or lemonade, freshly made at home. All these remedies are great to relieve nausea and vomiting. To combat the tiredness, get more rest by napping during the day.

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