8th week pregnancy

8th Week of Pregnancy

At eight weeks pregnant, you are towards the completion of two months on your journey to motherhood. This is high time to schedule your prenatal appointment if you haven’t already. At eight weeks, the OB may order an ultrasound, and you would probably share the joy of seeing your growing little angel inside your womb with its tiny heart beating in rhythm!

Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 8

The pregnancy hormones have found playground inside your body and could be triggering a whole new set of symptoms. From weird stomach symptoms to an abnormal sense of smell, it might seem your whole sensory world is kind of turning upside down. Strange as it may feel to first-time mothers, these symptoms are just indications of the various internal changes that are taking place. Sore breast symptom is just one of them. You could feel your breasts are feeling heavier and bigger accompanied by pain. The sore breast is caused during pregnancy when the milk-producing lobules begin expanding as they get ready to produce milk after the baby’s delivery.

At eight weeks, you could also be bothered by morning sickness. One of the common signs of morning sickness is nausea which could be accompanied by vomiting. Eating small portions of foods and light snacking often helps in combating this syndrome. Some women even find Vitamin B-6 helpful in alleviating the symptoms of morning sickness. You could also try acupressure wristbands for the same. Another sign associated with morning sickness is the heightened sense of smell as it often is the cause of nausea and vomiting. You could become too sensitive to the smells of certain foods, flowers and other substances around you. This could temporarily make you repulsive to that particular thing.

With so many actions going on internally, the body also starts showing symptoms like tiredness and drowsiness. If you have been feeling fatigued even without exerting much, it’s only because of the various internal pregnancy changes and the fluctuating hormones. At this time, the best you can do to yourself is to take enough rest, indulge in midday naps and get restful sleep during the night.

At 8th week, it is also not unusual to experience abdominal cramps. During pregnancy, the ligaments of the abdomen begin to stretch. This causes expansion of the uterus and hence, the pain. You could also experience some degree of constipation on this week and the following when pregnant. Estimates have revealed 50 percent of women experience constipation during pregnancy. But you can you kill that problem gradually as you correct your diet and adopt one with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Plus, taking strolls and doing light and safe exercises and drinking enough water also aid in easing constipation issues during pregnancy.

Spotting is another sign that quite a few women experience during the early weeks of their pregnancy. A spotting is a very light bleeding usually dark brown or pinkish. It happens when the egg successfully implants itself in the uterus, and the uterine lining is shed which is seen as dark color or pink colored discharge resembling period blood.

As funny as it may sound to some, many women also experience weird dreams in their sleep during pregnancy. At 8th week, don’t be surprised if you have been having vivid dreams with strange happenings. Although it is unclear as to could trigger such dreams, it is attributed to the psychological changes that the expectant mother goes through during this time. There’s a lot on the mind when you have just conceived, and it is usually a combination of these anxious thoughts that possibly trigger such dreaming patterns.

Bodily Changes at Eight Weeks of Pregnancy

When one becomes pregnant, the first thing that comes to mind is when is the belly going to show that cute baby bump? But it doesn’t just happen right away. It takes time and usually after the first trimester does the baby bump reveal itself more and more. However, that varies from body to body as well. So, while at eight weeks your neighbor is showing her tiny swollen belly and your tummy looks as good as almost flat, don’t be disheartened. Rest assured that at week 8, the uterus inside is still expanding. Only that due to body type, the belly may swell later in some while earlier in others. Furthermore, if you are at week 8 with twins, you will be easier to tell with a swollen belly much earlier than others.

You might experience some weight gain around this week, and that’s a welcome and evident change in your body. While this is yet another aspect which varies with body type and whether or not you have twins, you could have already gained around 4 to 6 pounds at this time during your pregnancy. However, be informed that if you have been experiencing a fair amount of morning sickness, you might have gained almost nothing. In some cases, mothers also lose a considerable amount of weight. While it is not unheard of or dangerous, it is always important to keep your OB updated about all your pregnancy developments.

Baby’s Development in Week 8

At week 8 of your pregnancy, your baby might be as tiny as a raspberry, but it’s growing at a great speed. On this week, your tiny angel weighs around .04 ounces and is approximately 0.63 inches. The fetus at this stage is growing about a millimeter every day. An ultrasound around this time would reveal your little one’s arms and legs with a great lot of movement to your delight.

The fingers and toes are developing and are somewhat webbed. The tail has now vanished. Your baby is also developing its taste buds this week and getting ready to taste its first meal. The eyelids cover the eyes, and the breathing tubes are connecting out to the lungs which are still under development. The nerve cells are connecting to each other in branches as they form the neural pathways. What’s more? Your cutie pie also has heart beating at an incredible rate which is 150 to 170 times per minute. That’s like about twice as fast as ours!

Tips for 8th-week Pregnancy

  • The workout is good – Light and pregnancy exercises are much recommended for a safer and healthier pregnancy. Add some squats to your exercise routine. It can help strengthen your thighs and pelvic muscles, facilitating a more comfortable
  • Painkiller or not– Your blood volume can spike up just under 50% and this in combination with the fluctuating pregnancy hormones can cause headaches. If you feel like taking a painkiller, it’s essential to consult your Obstetrician. You could get your ibuprofen or aspirin traded for a safer acetaminophen.
  • SPF-15 comes handy– Also, beware that hormone surges can spur dark spots on your face and skin, a condition called Chloasma. However, you can combat it quickly by applying a layer of SPF – 15 when stepping out.

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