9 weeks pregnant

9th Week of Pregnancy

Congratulations, you are already nine weeks in this beautiful journey of bearing God’s most precious gift to womanhood – a baby! At week nine you are already two months pregnant, nearing the completion of the first trimester with just one more month to go. Your belly might have started to show a little bit, and the cutie little pie inside has transitioned from an embryo to a fetus.

Often it is around the 9th week of pregnancy when a would-be mother’s first medical examination is done. Your OB would like to gather all the information about your health, the medical history of your family and your earlier pregnancy if any. You will be undergoing a physical examination with your height, weight and blood pressure being measured and your hormones, lungs, breasts, and heart be medically checked.

An internal examination will be done of your vagina, ovaries, cervix, and uterus. Your due date will also be calculated based on the first day of your last period. If you have had irregular periods so far, your due date will be calculated based on the first ultrasound.

Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 9

At week 9, the hCG or the pregnancy hormone is at its peak, meaning your pregnancy symptoms could be most severe at this stage. However, the good news is you are also nearing the phase when the riot of hormone start leveling out, easing the symptoms significantly in the following months.

Right now you could be significantly bothered by the fluctuations in your moods as the hormones play foul inside you. From sudden rushes of extreme joy to random rages, you will feel a world of emotions at any given the time of day and without any reason! But that’s only normal, so hang on a bit more brave lady, and you will soon be on your happier days of pregnancy as the hormones become more level.

Morning sickness might also be heavily taking its toll on you. You could be feeling sick with nausea and vomiting. Your appetite might have gone for a walk with all these symptoms not making you feel like eating anything. If this is happening to you, sit back, relax and switch to frequent meals which are smaller in proportion. You can try Vitamin B6 which is known to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness greatly. You can also chew on fresh pieces of ginger or ginger candies to help you with nausea.

With your uterus gradually expanding, you will naturally have the urge to urinate more and more frequently as blood flow increases in your pelvis. While this is an uncomfortable situation, but remember this too shall pass. But don’t let this stop you from drinking water. Instead, drink enough water and healthy liquids to remain hydrated as this important for you and your baby.

With morning sickness, frequent urination and loads of pregnancy chances happening within your body fatigue are but inevitable. Take daytime naps, sleep longer and rest as often as you feel. It is only to recuperate the lost energy.

You could also be bogged by nasal congestion at this stage. The high production of mucus can cause unexpected nasal congestion, but that’s only normal during pregnancy. The surging hormones could also give you headaches. But, at the same time remember dehydration, hunger, sleeplessness, stress and caffeine withdrawal can give you problems. So, try to do your best by eating frequent small meals, drinking enough liquid, getting plenty of sleep and maintaining a healthy balanced diet to moderate the severity of the symptoms.

Flatulence is a common occurrence during pregnancy, but to some extent, you can combat it eating non-gassy foods and avoiding those that cause gas like cabbage, beans, and broccoli to name a few. The fluctuating hormones can also cause heartburn. Besides, you could also experience occasional abdominal pain called the Braxton Hicks’ contractions.

Physical Changes at 9th-weeks of Pregnancy

While you may still not be showing off a proper baby bump so to speak, you could start feeling the discomfort caused by waistbands. Body fitting clothing like stretchy jeans, tights, skinny tops and shapely dresses can make you feel uncomfortable now as your belly is gradually expanding. Furthermore, your breast is also increasing in size. The mammary glands and lactation ducts are developing even at week 9 of your pregnancy, and you will experience this as your breasts start to feel a bit heavier and sore to touch.

You will also find the veins under the skin of your breast getting bluer and more prominent. A maternity bra at this stage will offer you good relief and support to the breasts. Your nipples also change as they become darker and more substantial. You may even find pimples around their areolas. These are called Montgomery’s Tubercles, needed to make milk after the baby is born. The uterus is growing, and at this week it is about the size of a small melon. You will find that your navel region is also becoming firm.

The veins on your hands and legs may even start bulging with the flow of the extra blood. You will have also gained 1 to 2 pounds by now. Their bodily changes also include changes in your hair texture which can feel lustrous or lumpy and greasy.

Baby’s Development in Week 9

At week 9, your cute little is the size of a cherry, measuring some 0.9 inches and weighing around .07 ounces. As the tiny fetus is busily developing into a lovely little angel, an ultrasound at this stage will reveal several of its physical features that are speedily forming. You can see your little one’s eyelids as they cover his eyes. The earlobes are visible, and facial features like nostrils, nose, and mouth are more distinct this week. The tongue has started forming, and fingers and toes can be seen too. The arms are growing, and they bend near the elbows. The diaphragm and the digestive system are developing too, and your baby can now breathe and even have hiccups! The fetus also has reproductive organs, pancreas, bile ducts, gallbladder and intestines at this stage, all of which are developing further.

Tips for 9th-week Pregnancy

  • Combat morning sickness: For those of you who are going through a bad patch of morning sickness, for them, ginger can come to a rescue. Ginger ale and ginger tea are very effective in combating the symptoms like nausea and vomiting caused by morning sickness. You can also find an occasional dash of lemon in your foods and drinks quite refreshing and calming. It is essential to avoid foods whose smell bother you at this stage. Healthy snacking in between meals can also help in reducing nausea and vomiting. You can munch on crackers and biscuits.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in pregnancy, and so, you can take vitamin b6 supplements as prescribed by your OB. Likewise, magnesium is also very effective for pregnant women. Natural sources of magnesium include beans, bananas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, soybeans, and rice. For a healthy combination of nutrition include whole grain crackers, whole grain bread, homemade soups, rusks and cucumbers in your diet.

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