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Natural Ways to Abort Pregnancy Safe at Home

In a woman’s life, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases. It makes you feel a sense of fulfillment as well as a satisfaction to enjoy this wonderful gift of womanhood. At the same time, it gives you the power to be the creator of a new life. As it happens to you, it changes your whole world, but in some cases, this same pregnancy can act as a nightmare for you, if you are not prepared for it. There may be several valid reasons behind not getting pregnant, which include – diseases, not mentally prepared or some rare medical complications.

 Natural and Effective Ways for Abortion

This term abortion does not give you an excellent feeling, as it can’t be considered as right regarding humanitarian perspective. In case you are not prepared for the motherhood, or it is an unwanted pregnancy, then you need to terminate it in proper time. To avoid complications during the later stage of gestation when the termination can be a problem. It is better to know various natural methods for aborting the pregnancy in an early stage.

The main advantage of using natural methods for abortion is that it is a painless process and there is no need to undergo any surgeries for aborting the pregnancy. Also, these natural methods mostly comprise of natural herbs, drugs or food items that are cost effective as compared to other methods. The following options will give you some insight on the useful natural process for performing an abortion at your home.

Natural Drugs

Some drugs are made up of natural ingredients that can provide effective results in aborting the pregnancy.

High dose of Vitamin C

vitamin c

When it comes to Vitamin C, it has safe threshold limits for its toxic contents in it. It is believed that if you take higher dosages of Vitamin C, it can accelerate and induce abortion easily. It is present in most of the citrus fruits, and you can easily increase the dosages of the same by consuming more amount of citrus fruits. You are also advised to take Vitamin C supplements in high amount for aborting the pregnancy with better effectiveness. You can start your daily consumption of this vitamin supplements with a dose of 500 mg initially. Later you are advised to increase this dosage amount up to 1200 mg over a period.

This increase in dosage of vitamin C will gradually increase the Estrogen levels inside your body. The rise in your Estrogen level in the body will further decrease the progesterone levels also. This progesterone hormone is essential for keeping your fetus healthy and further development of the same. If your intake of vitamin C dosage increases, your progesterone level will automatically decrease and stop the growth and development of the fetus, and hence one can easily remove the same at home. This method can eventually be a safe process for pregnancy abortion.

Dong Quai Supplements

Dong Quai Supplements

As you have already started taking Vitamin C capsules and increase its intake dosage, you need to consume this Dong Quai Capsule along with it for better results. When these two drugs, Vitamin C capsule and Dong Quai Capsule are combined, it causes a forced contraction of the overall uterus. This ultimately leads to further expulsion of the fetus and helps you with aborting your unwanted pregnancy.


Certain herbs can provide you better results in naturally aborting the pregnancy.

Parsley Leaves


This is one of the natural home remedies for abortion at home without much stress. All you need to do is ingesting parsley leaves as a whole, but remember to have a little amount at a time. This herb provides similar action as Vitamin C supplements provide that. The overall combination of parsley leaves and vitamin C leads to dilation of cervix and contraction of the uterus. This ultimately leads to your pregnancy abortion. For a much effective result, you can mix these contents or consume it simultaneously. For safety purpose, try to eat these two items in far less quantity, as compared to individual consumption of each one of these.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh for Abortion

This herb is very important, as it prepares the uterus for an effective abortion of the fetus. As you intake this herb, you need to intake some red cohosh. You must keep in mind that if you intake black cohosh, it is not enough to terminate your pregnancy.  However, its effect on your uterus will lead to conditions that are suitable for absorption. Its dose requirement varies from woman to woman, and it is advised to consult an appropriate herbalist to prescribe you a proper treatment. It is safe to use black cohosh, but if not taken in the proper amount it can cause temporary side effects.


Angelica Sinensis and Hot Water for Abortion

It provides a two-fold effect on women. This angelica herb is responsible for activating contractions in your uterus, and it also facilitates your menstruation process. Both of these acts as an effective home remedy for naturally terminating your pregnancy. You should mix this herb with a cup of slightly warm water. If you take it four times in a day, with a proper time interval, it can be beneficial in aborting the fetus.


Pennyroyal for Abortion

The substance that is responsible for inducing abortion in this herb pennyroyal is called pulegone. This pulegone causes your uterus to contract, as it is not mild in nature exactly. It leads to predisposition and abortion of your developing fetus. It is a natural and effective herb in terminating your pregnancy.


You can have natural pregnancy termination by taking food items having abortion induced effect.


Papaya for Abortion

Papaya is a fruit that can be used as one of the effective home remedies to abort your pregnancy in a natural process. This fruit tastes exquisite and has components that are suitable for inducing abortion-related functions in your body. As per reports, many women claimed to have planned miscarriages by consuming lots of papaya for this purpose. It is a very safe to consume and doesn’t have significant side effects associated with it, other than inducing abortion and terminating your pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds

sesame seeds

Most of the people across the globe include this sesame seed in their diets for maintaining good health. However, most of them are still unaware of its other properties, including the abortion-inducing effect. If you are worried about an unwanted pregnancy and want to terminate it naturally, you may start consuming sesame seeds. You have to take it directly for observing certain effects. Alternately, you can soak this sesame seed in a glass filled with water and keep it overnight. Due to prolonged submergence of sesame seeds in water, the water will turn into sesame flavored liquid. If you consume this flavored water regularly, it will help to terminate your pregnancy in a comparatively less span of time. For additional benefits and quicker results, try to include sesame seeds in your other dishes, which will increase its intake quantity. These are considered to be a safe home remedy to abort your pregnancy naturally.



To induce abortion and terminate your pregnancy, you can go for cinnamon supplements. For achieving maximum effect, you are recommended to not cook cinnamon just before ingesting it.  Consuming it raw or in the form of supplements can give you quicker and best results in aborting your pregnancy.


Pineapple Juice

Pineapple consists of Vitamin C, and it also contains certain enzymes which are already present in its chemical composition. It has a high abortion-inducing effect on your body due to its effective composition that accelerates the termination process of your fetus. You can consume it in any way that you like. Either you can eat pineapple directly or make a refreshing pineapple juice to drink on a regular basis.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry for Abortion

Goji berry has a higher concentration of Vitamin C in it. It also has carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it one of the best choices for consuming easily as it has lots of Vitamin C in it. This high-level Vitamin C intake can increase the contraction in your uterus, ultimately resulting in termination of pregnancy.

Medical Abortion Process

Abortion is considered to be a legal and safe way to get rid of unwanted pregnancy matters. There are two ways in which you can opt for abortion during your first trimester pregnancy period. The first way is the medication abortion process that can also be referred to as abortion using pills or medical abortion. In such cases, you have to take several medicines for terminating your pregnancy.

The second way is the aspiration abortion process that can also be referred to as suction or surgical abortion. In this procedure, you have to undergo a surgical procedure for removing the fetus from your uterus. In the operational process, the surgeon will use various medical instruments and operate inside your vagina and uterus, to take out the fetus and hence terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

You can go for medication abortion in between your first day of last period, to ten weeks from that date. And for aspiration abortion, you can go for a surgical method in between your first day of last period, to 12 weeks from that date.

Other than the surgical process, there are several contraceptive pills available in the market, to terminate your unwanted pregnancy.

Contraceptive Pills for Abortion



Usually, most of the women prefer mifepristone tablets, which is an abortion pill to abort the pregnancy quickly. This abortion pill can be consumed anywhere. As your doctor advice taking this pill, you can take it as per your convenient time and place. As per the claims of many women, you will feel fine after consuming mifepristone pill. But you may experience some nausea after having this pill. With this, your medical expert will suggest you take a second pill for nausea, at your home.



You have to consume this second pill after 6-72 hours of consuming the first one. The second tablet is called Misoprostol. You will have to place it in your cheek to dissolve it buccally, or it can be inserted vaginally, as your health adviser suggests. Once you successfully take Misoprostol, your abortion process starts after one to four hours of taking it. Followed by this, you can experience cramps and heavy bleeding, that lasts for at least few couple of hours. To ensure that your abortion is successful, your doctor will conduct a follow-up appointment, almost after an entire week after this medication process.

When you are taking medicines like Mifepristone and Misoprostol, you can expect to have on and off mild to severe cramps in your uterus that you experience during the abortion process. You can easily manage the pain with painkillers or other medicines.

During medication abortion, you can experience heavy bleeding along with blood clots, which is very common. Once the abortion process begins, you will have less bleeding, that can continue in an on and off fashion, for two weeks or more.

As you go through aspiration abortion process, you can experience light bleeding after the surgical process. This bleeding problem can last for one to 7 days. In some cases, it may also continue in an on and off fashion, for few more weeks.

As a woman, if you are living in a country with no safe access to effective abortion services, you can easily use these two medicines- Misoprostol, also known as Arthrotec, Cytotec, Cyprostol, Oxaprost, Mibetec, Misotrol or Prostokos and Mifepristone, also known as RU 486, Mifeprex, or Mifegyne. It is believed that in 90% cases, using misoprostol alone can cause effective abortion. However, if it does not provide any visible result, you can try consuming it after three more days, to terminate your pregnancy.

Extended Cycle Pill

Another effective method is using extended cycle pill. These are called as Lybrel, Seasonique, and Seasonale. If you consume these extended cycle pills, it will prevent pregnancy in a very effective way. These pills will allow your body to have periods, at every three months. You should note that if you take this pill regularly, it may stop your period for an entire year.

To abort your pregnancy naturally, you can adopt any of the remedies that use effective herbs, drugs, and food items, which are having abortion-inducing elements in it. There are several medical procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, and few yoga exercises that can help you to terminate your pregnancy immediately.

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