Are Insulin Injections Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is often a very risky time. It is a time of great highs and lows. The journey can be thrilling as well as scary.

Now that we know more about diabetes than ever before, it is the best time to plan a pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is very important to plan to assemble a team of doctors.

  • Firstly, it’s essential to have a doctor who is a trained to take care of people having diabetes.
  • Secondly, it’s necessary to have an obstetrician who knows how to handle high-risk pregnancies and knows how to deal with pregnant diabetic women.
  • Thirdly, a pediatric or a neonatologist should be kept who can treat problems dealing with children.
  • Fourthly, having a registered dietitian is required who plans your meals according to your needs.
  • Fifthly, a diabetic educator who helps to manage diabetes during pregnancy.
  • Lastly, an eye care provider who ensures that your eyes are in good shape for pregnancy.

It is crucial that you take charge of the team and put your questions forward if you doubt anything.

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Keep a Check on Your Blood Glucose

As the baby grows, your body keeps changing. The changes affect your blood glucose level and cause diabetes. If you see that maintaining your blood glucose is becoming hard, you must do something about it as it can affect your pregnancy badly. It can pose the risk of congenital disabilities, miscarriage and the baby can get too large. Thus, you must consult your panel of doctors if you see it coming before it gets too late.

The team will then advise you to check your blood glucose levels which can be up to 8 times a day. You must make necessary changes in your meal plan and go for insulin if your team advises.

Insulin and Diabetes Pills

Insulin is the first-choice drug when it comes to blood glucose control during pregnancy. The insulin does not penetrate the placenta. Thus, it is safe for the baby.

  • In type 1 diabetes pregnancy does affect the insulin level. Usually, the insulin level goes up at that time.
  • In type 2 diabetes one needs to change their plan. Women having type 2 diabetes typically go for pills so during pregnancy it needs to be switched to insulin as pills are not the best option during pregnancy.
  • Women having gestational diabetes should plan their meals and exercise regularly. If the blood glucose level is still high, one needs to start with insulin.

Thus, we can say that insulin is the best possible medication for diabetes. However, one must first try to control it with proper diet and light exercises.

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