Bleach Pregnancy Test at Home

(DIY) Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Bleach at Home

Pregnancy Test using Household Kitchen Bleach

It’s amazing that each of our daily household items can serve very different purposes than we think they are accustomed to doing. Did you ever know that a splash of vodka into your vase water will extend the life of your flowers by a long shot, or that Coca-Cola is the best option to clean tarnished silverware? One such item that you can find in your house that has a dual purpose in Bleach. Since we all are familiar with the cleansing properties of the household bleach, there another thing Bleach is the pretty good home remedy. In short, bleach is an excellent indicator. This comes because bleach is highly reactive with a variety of compounds. Here we will discuss how your household bleach can act as a pregnancy test.

Bleach can do this by reacting with a human hormone. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is to be exact. This hormone is released into the human body by a growing fetus placenta. Bleach reacts with this particular hormone present in human urine to produce a fizzing reaction. With over the counter pregnancy test apparatus getting costly, this is a fabulous alternative to those test or sticks. It is proven in laboratories that bleach is quite reactive with HCG, the fizzing is due to this very reaction happening between the two compounds.

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How to do Bleach Pregnancy Test at Home

First, you have to pour bleach into a cup making the cup half full. Remember that bleach is highly reactive and can burn your skin if it comes in contact with your always handle bleach with care. Secondly, bleach is quite a fuming liquid, make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area. Since you have the cup of bleach ready, all you need now is the urine sample.

Pour the urine sample into the cup of bleach and wait for the reaction to occur. If the urine has good amounts of HCG, there will be a fizzing formation on top of the bleach in a manner of seconds. There won’t be any long delay for the reaction to happen.

If you have got the fizzing on top of the bleach then it points towards that you may be pregnant. You can’t rely on this method a hundred percent, but when the expensive stick alternatives aren’t advertised as entirely accurate. This test is to give you a preliminary, a much cost effective verdict.

What are the Points to Keep in Mind?

As discussed above, you must be a tad cautious while handling bleach. The standard everyday kitchen bleach will suffice. But make sure that the bleach you use does not have any added artificial scents or dyes. Unaltered bleach will do just fine.

Then again the safety while handling bleach should be given utmost priority. If you feel like thing are getting out of hand or if you had inhaled sizable amounts of bleach fume, stop immediately and take some rest or if you are feeling nauseous ask the help of a doctor.

There is another key feature you must have in mind, the time of taking the urine sample. We now know that HCG is the compound responsible for the whole process, but HCG levels tend to dilute as the time between urination decreases.  So for Thebes result, it’s always advised to use the urine from your morning bathroom break. The HCG levels will increase as the fetus grows, so longer the time from impregnation the more accurate will be your results.

Now you know the cost effective way to test pregnancy.

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