can you get pregnant by swallowing sperm

Can You Get Pregnant from Swallowing Sperm?

In the 21st century, sex remains a controversial topic. There are quite a number of myths and taboos related to sex that people think can make them pregnant. So sex being such a sensitive topic is something that people should be aware of and clear about the myths that they think are true. Engaging in sex is satisfying, but one needs to understand the nature of sex and also break the myths and taboos that are prevalent in the society.

A lot of women have this question in mind that can they get pregnant by swallowing the sperm? But this is just a myth as it is impossible to get pregnant from oral sex. Sperm cannot travel through the alimentary canal in order to fertilize that one egg. So the sperm cannot cause a pregnancy once it enters the mouth. But one fact that is true is that one can get sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex. For an egg to get fertilized the sperm has to enter the vagina and go through or swim through the fallopian tubes.

Just like this one myth of getting pregnant from swallowing sperm, there are few other myths also that people especially women should be aware of.

Myths Related to Pregnancy

There are a number of myths and people should be well aware of them like:

You cannot get pregnant on your period: A sperm stays in the vagina for six days so if you think you cannot get pregnant by having sex during periods, then you are entirely The sperm will wait for the menstrual cycle to get over and then fertilize an ovum. Getting pregnant in periods is uncommon but not something that is not impossible. So it is better and advisable to stay protected during intercourse.

Using two condoms means no chances of pregnancy: Usually, people believe that using a condom reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 98% and using two condoms implies no pregnancy at all. But this is entirely false, by using two condoms the rubber of both the condoms will rub against each other which means increased friction. So wearing two condoms at a time is more dangerous than a single condom.

It is safe to have anal sex without a condom: This is exceptionally untrue; yes one cannot get pregnant through anus but it doesn’t mean that you cannot have STD’s passed like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis spread through anal sex. As the lining of the anus is thin so it can easily get broken. So it is better to practice safe anal sex; which means better wear a condom. It is also said that one should not follow anal sex by vaginal sex as anus contains fecal matter that can enter the vagina.

Getting pregnant for the first time is zero: This is false because if a woman is ovulating, then she stands a solid chance of getting pregnant whether it is her first chance or not. Anytime one enters into unprotected sex there is a risk of getting pregnant. Unprotected sex during ovulation can lead to the fertilization of the egg and later the implantation of the fertilized egg. So if you want to avoid pregnancy then resort to birth control pills or condoms.

Anus gets stretched out after anal sex: Healthy anal sex doesn’t lead to this. If the penis is adequately inserted, then there will be no issue. There is less space in the anus than the vagina so saying that the anus gets stretched after sex is something that is entirely

Getting STD from oral sex if Nil: The sexually transmitted diseases spread through anal sex and vaginal sex mostly. Unprotected oral sex can cause STD’S Like HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B and herpes. Even though one cannot get pregnant from oral sex, but there is a possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected oral sex. So it is better to have safe oral sex and get yourself checked before doing it.

You cannot get pregnant while you are already carrying a baby: This statement is wrong because you can get pregnant if you are already pregnant. Chances are low, but there is always a possibility. This process of getting pregnant while you are already pregnant is known as superfetation. It happens only if a lady ovulates continuously after she gets pregnant. The fertilized egg is implanted in the wall of the uterus. It is not something to be feared of as kids born in such a condition are healthy and normal.

The pulling out method is useful for avoiding pregnancy: The pullout method where the male withdraws the penis before ejaculating has a high chance of being a failure. The main reason is that the pre-cum also has some sperms. The withdrawing of the penis at the time of orgasm needs to be quite fast and self-controlled. Ejaculating near the vagina also has nil guarantee of no pregnancy. The sperms can easily travel along the vagina.

A woman will have miscarriages after an abortion: In some cases, a woman has on the spot abortions, and it is said that the abortion can leave scar or complications which can cause miscarriage post-abortion. It is not true as a woman can get pregnant even after an abortion; a miscarriage is not a must.

So just like the myth that a woman can get pregnant after swallowing the sperm, these are also the myths that women should know about. Pregnancy can occur only when the male sperm come into contact with the female’s egg. It happens every twenty-eight days when the woman ovulates and releases the egg into one of her two tubes. It is only during this time that the female can get pregnant.

The whole process of getting pregnant is like when the male has an orgasm then he ejaculates a small amount of semen from the penis. This semen contains sperm which if the man ejaculates in the vagina during the time of ovulation then the sperm can find a way to the egg. When this happens, then the combination of the sperm and the egg can develop a baby.

In short

  • The sperm enters the vagina.
  • The sperm makes it through the cervix and the fallopian tubes.
  • The sperm fertilizes an egg.
  • The fertilized egg then implants an egg in the uterus.

So if you hear someone saying that they feel they are pregnant after having oral sex, then it is completely untrue as a baby can develop only after having a proper sexual intercourse and when the sperm enters the vagina. It happens mostly in unprotected sex but sometimes protected sex can also cause pregnancy. So women should consult a doctor before concluding. They should also be careful while having sex during periods and while they are already pregnant because there are chances of getting pregnant in such situations too.

Oral sex or the swallowing of sperm can only cause Sexually transmitted diseases which cause a health risk and not pregnancy. Stay protected stay safe and have safe sex.

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