Clorox Pregnancy Test

(DIY) Homemade Clorox Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey of transformations which are not only physical but also mental and emotional. Then again, it is also not just about you, it also about another body coming into being inside of you. If you have been trying to conceive lately or you just feel certain unusual pregnancy like symptoms, you might like to know for sure whether or not you could be pregnant. And, many of us would like to do that just in the privacy of our homes, without having to see the gynecologist. Many of us already know that the market today is flooded with home pregnancy test kits. But, did you also know that you need not even have to buy any pregnancy test kit as you can make your pregnancy test right at home.

What is Clorox Pregnancy test?

Back in our ancestral times when there were not any advance methods or equipment to verify pregnancy, it was these homemade pregnancy tests that were widely used. Of the various homemade pregnancy tests, the one using bleach or Clorox is one of the most reliable pregnancy testing methods. The ease of this test is the simple reason which is the easy availability of bleach. It is one substance that can be found in almost every household. Moreover, bleach does not cost much, and you only need a small amount to carry out the homemade Clorox pregnancy test.

How does Clorox Work for Pregnancy Test?

The primary diagnosis of pregnancy includes testing the presence of HCG in the blood or the urine. HCG is a pregnancy hormone. Using bleach or Clorox is considered more valid when checking the presence of this hormone as compared to other homemade pregnancy tests owing to the substance’s better reaction with bleach. When Clorox comes in contact with the urine of a woman, the possible changes can be seen within minutes. Based on the changes, the test can be concluded to be positive or negative.

Method of Testing Pregnancy with Clorox

To do this homemade pregnancy test, you have to follow a few very simple steps, beginning with the collection of urine. However, you need to take the sample of your first urine of the day. Collect the urine sample in a disposable cup and pour some Clorox into it. Allow this mixture to mix but keeping it in a place, undisturbed. Wait for a few minutes to see the reaction in the mixture. If the solution starts to bubble or you observe some frothiness, or it turns fizzy, it is clear indication that the test is positive. It means you are pregnant. However, if even after several minutes of waiting there is no change in the solution; the pregnancy test proves negative, indicating you have not yet conceived.

Things to note When Using Clorox

There are no specific guidelines on the amount of bleach to be mixed with the urine or an explicit knowledge on the exact number of minutes you should wait to see the results. Like most other homemade pregnancy tests, all these details are indicative. However, unlike other home tests, the Clorox test comes with a safety warning. It is important to perform this test in a space that is well ventilated with proper air circulation. This is because when the bleach comes in contact with the urine, toxic fumes are produced. A lot of these fumes entering in your body can harm you as well as the developing fetus in case you also happen to be pregnant.

How Accurate is Clorox Pregnancy Test?

Out of the several homemade pregnancy tests that women use, Clorox pregnancy test has been said to be most reliable. However, there is still no scientific evidence to claim its authenticity and accuracy. Besides, the accuracy also depends on various factors. The pregnancy test should be ideally not be performed closer to your missed period, before or after, because it will have the least amount of the pregnancy hormone. Frequent urination is often counted as a pregnancy sign but when about to do the test hold your urine for 2 to 4 hours or ideally, collect the first urine of the day for urine with more concentration of the HCG. If after performing the test, the result comes out positive it is most advisable to see a gynecologist or to follow up with a pharmaceutical pregnancy test to be further sure and verify the results.

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