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Cramps After Sex: Serious and Non-serious Conditions

Sex is meant for enjoyment, but when you experience pain before or after sex, then there is no pleasure. You are not alone if you suffer cramps after sexual intercourse. Many women experience stomach and abdominal pain during or after sex. Women feel discouraged and lose interest in having sex with their partners when they feel cramps in the vagina, clitoris or labia. Sometimes the cramping is quite intense.  Women worry due to this pain or cramps.

They think it might be due to some problem with the reproductive system or any other internal organs. While some cramps aside within a few hours, but others may stay for a more extended period. There are hordes of reasons for these pains. Some may not be so serious and can be rectified by mere observation, but others are quite serious such that you need to consult your gynecologist. Let us divide the problem of cramping in two parts: Nonserious and severe conditions.

Non-serious Conditions

Inadequate Lubrication

It is necessary for a woman to get enough aroused before sexual intercourse, as arousal lubricates the vagina for penetration. Penetration without adequate vaginal lubrication may lead to pain during or after sex. Sex can only be pleasurable for women if there is proper lubrication. Some women take time to get aroused quickly as they need longer time to be spent with their partner. The dry vagina may cause pain to the male partner also as the penetration will be a forceful and a rough one.

Improper Penetration

During penetration, if the penis hits the cervix then women may feel aches, cramps or pain during and after sex. Deep penetration irritates the cervix. The arousal in women during sex enables her uterus and cervix to pull up which in turn lengthens her vagina. The lengthening of vagina prevents the penis to hit the cervix. The uterus and cervix remain in the same position if the women are not adequately aroused. It causes the penis to hit the cervix which in turn leads to cramping.

Orgasmic Pain

It is severe pain or cramp that you feel in your stomach or pelvic region during orgasm. It may last for few minutes to few hours this makes the sexual enjoyment next to impossible. It is most common for women who are aged between 35 and 55 and the majority of them are nearing their menopause.

Psychological Reason

The lack of sexual desire due to some bad experience may develop a psychological negativity against sex. It may also cause severe pain or cramps during and after sex.

Cramping After Sex During Pregnancy

Cramping is frequent during early pregnancy. Uterine contractions cause it. These cramps are not so severe and severe, and you need not worry. If in case the cramps persist for more than an hour you should seek medical help.

Serious Conditions

Tilted Uterus: The normal position of the uterus is usually straight up, downward or it is positioned towards the belly. A tilted uterus is more inclined towards the rectum. It affects almost 20% of women. This position of the uterus causes pain during and after sex.

tilted uterus

Fibroid: Fibroids are the growth of non-cancerous tissues in and around the uterus. Sometimes they are present, but due to their small size, they hardly make a difference. Fibroids that grow larger apply pressure to the uterus, which may cause cramps during and after sex. Fibroids may sometimes develop on the cervix, which is the opening of the vagina, when penis hits the fibroid it may cause severe pain. Heavy bleeding, early spotting, and pelvic pain is the other symptoms of the fibroid.

Cyst: These are the sacs that are filled with a fluid that develops in the ovary. During sex, the penis may hit the ovaries and cause severe pain to the woman. Sometimes the fluid in the sac may also leak due to sexual intercourse which is one of the most dangerous gynecological conditions.

Endometriosis: These are the cells and tissues that are present inside the womb. But when they start growing outside the uterus, they may cause cramps or lower abdominal pain that may lead to not so pleasurable sex.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: This is an infection of the upper part of the female reproductive system that includes the uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvis. It is mainly caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia gonorrhea.

Intrauterine Device: It is placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. After it is situated in the womb, it is advisable to not to indulge in sexual activity for at least ten days. It is for the body to get adapted to the foreign device. You should seek doctor’s advice if you feel severe cramps or pain during or after sex if you have an IUD.

Ovarian Cancer: cramping after sex, irregular periods, frequent urination are all the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Treatment of Cramps After Sex

Spend more time on foreplay, as this time spent with the partner arouses you and your vagina secretes enough lubricant so that you can have a pleasurable sex.

In case of the tilted uterus, try different positions so that the penis does not hit the cervix. If you are unable to draw pleasure from sex due to some bad experience, then talk to your adults. They may find a solution to this psychological problem with their experience.

But if the condition is getting from bad to worse, then it is always advisable to consult a psychologist. It is advised to keep your private parts clean. Give due consideration to hygiene by using clean undergarments and following the after sex hygiene process.

The sexually transmitted infections should be treated with top priority. Cramps and pain during or after sex in most of the cases is nothing to be worried about. But if the pain persists for a more extended period so much so that you are having sleepless nights and getting disoriented then do seek medical advice.

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