Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is very crucial. If you do not take proper care, you may lose your baby. If it is related to pregnancy, you should think twice before taking any step; whether it’s eating, drinking, walking or any other physical or mental activity. To keep proper hold of your pregnancy period and avoid any mishap, you need to be careful.

During pregnancy, all women need nutrients and adequate vitamins to enhance their energy levels and to maintain the health of their infant. There are some foods; a woman should avoid during pregnancy or should be, very careful while eating them. If a pregnant lady over consumes unhealthy food, then it may cause miscarriage phenomenon.

List of Unhealthy Food Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy

The diet of a pregnant lady must include the prime source of nutrients. It will be helpful to keep the unborn child healthy inside the womb. If a pregnant lady is consuming unhealthy and unhygienic food, the health of an unborn child can face a significant threat. Some foods can cause congenital disabilities and fetal damage. They are discussed in brief as follows:

  • Unwashed Vegetables

Usually, vegetables are very beneficial for health, and it helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables also assist in dealing with several health issues and infections. Infection in our body is the primary reason due to which our immune system gets affected. Most of the people do not like to eat vegetables, but they still need to consume them to maintain good health. However, it is necessary and critical to wash vegetables before eating them. Wash veggies properly with clean water and salt to avoid the growth of toxoplasmosis.

  • Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine drinks are very harmful to the pregnancy. The Consumption of caffeinated beverages can highly increase the risk of miscarriage. A pregnant lady must avoid caffeinated beverages during the nine months of pregnancy, to get rid of failure or congenital disabilities. A pregnant woman should limit caffeine contain up to its permissible limit. Permissible limit of caffeine for pregnant women is less than 200 mg a day. Caffeine is a type of drug or chemical. It throws out fluids from the body. It can reduce the number of minerals and calcium ion from our collection and also deficit the water level.

So, it is necessary for a woman to drink a large quantity of water, fresh fluids, and milk to promote an energy level rather than consuming caffeinated drinks. It is proved that caffeinated beverages often cause miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight of babies. That is why it is good for pregnant women to avoid caffeinated drinks during pregnancy strictly.

  • Refrigerated Meat or Pate

Refrigerated meat or pate should be strictly avoided by a pregnant lady because it contains bacteria called “listeria.” On the contrary side, pregnant ladies can intake safe shelf meat or canned pate. Pate is also a bad food that can cause severe problems like blood flow, pain in the intestine, miscarriage and premature birth. So, pregnant women need to be very careful about consuming the pate. Refrigerated meat and pate are poisonous for both mother and infant.

  • Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk also contains a bacteria-like “Listeria.” This is the primary cause of miscarriage. Listeria bacteria have the power to cross the placenta and infect the unborn child or fetus. It can also threaten the life of the unborn baby. So, a pregnant lady should be very much concerned and consume pasteurized milk instead of drinking unpasteurized milk.

  • Raw Shellfish

You should avoid the seafood that is insufficiently cooked. Shellfish can cause illness in the human body. Because there is a disease in seafood that can directly transfer to the human body. Proper cooking can reduce the possibility of infections. But, it usually cannot assist to stop diseases related to algae that correspond to red tides.

Raw shellfish transmits adverse effects in our body. Women must stop herself from eating raw shellfish during the nine months of pregnancy. It is one of the worst food that can cause congenital disabilities such as premature birth and miscarriage.

  • Pineapple Fruit

During pregnancy, most of the women drink pineapple juice for regular delivery. But, they do not know that pineapple is a wild fruit, which can lead to miscarriage. Pregnant women should not consume pineapple fruit or pineapple juice.

Usually, pineapple fruit contains bromelain, which profoundly affects the human body. This fruit includes some healthy nutrients. Also, a pregnant lady should swallow a small amount of pineapple fruit, but be careful not to overeat pineapple. It can harm your infant in your womb.

  • Papaya Fruit

Papaya fruit is very dangerous for pregnant ladies, mainly green papaya. It is risky as it is the prime cause of congenital disabilities. Unripe papaya and green papaya have enzymes that can highly cause uterine contractions.

Uterine contractions can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. For safe and secure delivery, a woman should not consume papaya fruit, especially unripe and green papaya. Green papaya increases the hazard rate by several times.

  • Litchi Fruit

Usually, many women like to eat litchi fruit because of its rich and luscious taste. But the litchi fruit is very dangerous for a pregnant lady because it promotes heat in our body and leads to miscarriage and any other pregnancy problems. If a woman is eating a significant amount of litchi fruit during her pregnancy period, then it can cause several issues such as pain, bleeding, abdominal infection, harm the unborn child and can also cause miscarriage.

  • Wild Apple

Wild apple is one of the wild fruit that is harmful to pregnant women. It usually destroys a woman’s pregnancy. Wild apple is sweet, sour and bitter which can be eaten in the morning to reduce sickness, but it is not at all suitable for pregnant ladies. However, wild apple excites woman’s uterus and even encourage uterine contractions that can cause premature birth and miscarriage as well. So, it is recommended that you avoid this fruit.

  • Raw Poultry and Eggs

Raw poultry and eggs contain bacteria called “salmonella” which harms the woman’s body very badly. Avoid eating a uncooked egg, raw meat and seafood so that you can promote safe pregnancy. Mainly, under cooked eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, and oyster can directly lead to miscarriage. To experience a healthy and safe pregnancy, a woman should avoid all these raw poultry and uncooked eggs.

  • Soft Cheese

Soft cheese is indeed a terrible and worst food for pregnant ladies. Here are some types of cheese a pregnant woman should avoid eating such as rococo cheese, gorgonzola cheese, cheese Camembert and feta cheese. Usually, cheese is made or produced from unpasteurized milk that is why it is harmful to a pregnant woman and the unborn babies as well. Cheese typically contain bacteria which can severely harm fetuses. Women must swallow or consume cheese which is only produced from pasteurized and fresh milk.

  • Canned Fruit Juice

A woman should not drink canned fruit juice during her pregnancy days because canned fruit juices contain a significant amount of chemicals and bacteria which can harm future moms and unborn infants as well. If these liquids are pasteurized, then only it can be consumed. But it is recommended for pregnant women to avoid this kind of drinks to prevent premature birth and miscarriage as well.

Tips to Prevent Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should ingest drinks and foods which are very rich in vitamins to avoid failure.

  1. Consume vitamin E up to 600 IU per day.
  2. Take proper rest to your mind and whole body as well to promote a healthy pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is very much favorable and beneficial for pregnant ladies. It mainly helps to reduce the risk of preeclampsia at the time of pregnancy. It usually enhances energy levels. A pregnant woman should consume 1.4mg of vitamin B2 a day to protect the east and healthy pregnancy.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a very vital role in preventing miscarriage and other congenital disabilities. Every pregnant lady should eat 400 IU of vitamin D every day. It helps to strengthen the uterus and promotes healthy pregnancy as well. Mainly dairy products like milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, and butter are very rich in vitamin D.

  • Vitamin B9

Consume a sufficient amount of folic acid to boost up the vitamin level in your body. It helps to improve the health of future moms as well as the unborn child. It helps to prevent congenital disabilities and miscarriage. Consume foods which are a vibrant source of vitamin B9 such as broccoli, beans, citrus fruits, okra, sprouts, and asparagus to prevent failure and enhance energy levels in your body.

Read the article carefully, some tips and techniques are discussed practically and operatively. The write up will undoubtedly prove to be helpful in preventing congenital disabilities, miscarriage, and premature birth and also assist in promoting a healthy pregnancy.

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