Dandelion Leaves to Test Pregnancy

Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Dandelion Leaves

From past several years, women have been looking for a method by which they can accurate results for their pregnancy tests. This is because according to medical sciences the medicinal kits do not provide 100% correct results and hence women have to do the test twice or thrice to get the confirmation of her pregnancy. But still there are lots of women who even after checking it twice or thrice, do not get satisfied with the results and thus they find various methods by which they can get accurate results. There are hundreds of ways using which one can test her pregnancy and if she is not satisfied with medicinal results, choosing one of these methods would be a better choice. One of these pregnancy tests is homemade test using Dandelion leaves. It is quite famous around the world and here is the procedure to perform the task.

  • For doing this pregnancy test, the main thing is dandelion leaves which can be found near our houses in most of the gardens or other places. With this dandelion leaves, we need a container where we can store our urine.
  • Firstly, you need to make sure that the dandelion leaves that you have picked should not come in contact with direct sunlight, or it will lose its ability to show accurate results.
  • For this test, you need to place the dandelion leaves in a container, and then you need to pour your first urine in the container. You need to make sure that the leaves are entirely soaked in the urine.
  • After that, you need to wait for a while, and then you need to see if there are some red colored particles near the leaves, if there are some of them, then it means that you are pregnant. Otherwise, it means that you are not pregnant. This is an easy way to find out whether you are pregnant or not and one can perform this task even when no one is there to help her out.

After implementing this remedy most of the women get perfect results. But a few people remain in doubt this is because sometimes they get positive results with medicinal kits, but they get negative results using this remedy. This becomes confusing for the woman, and hence she needs to do another test to finalize about her pregnancy. According to us, if one wants to confirm her pregnancy, she should first try medicinal kits, then she should move to dandelion leaves. If still, she is not sure about pregnancy, then she should try the same test twice and most probably she will get the most accurate results in the end as performing the test so many times and getting the same result cannot be wrong. Though performing this homemade remedy is quite safe for a woman’s body but just in case you feel any complications, you should consult a doctor immediately, or you may have serious problems in the future. So, try these tests, but try to remain on the safer sides too.

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