Homemade Pregnancy Test with Urine

(DIY) Homemade Pregnancy Test with Urine

Using urine in conducting pregnancy test is one of the simplest procedures that a woman can perform at home. Even though almost all homemade pregnancy tests use urine as a major component, of course with other additives, urine itself can also be used independently. Here is how it is done:


  • A flat surface jar.
  • A half cup of urine.


  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, collect half a cup of your day’s first urine.
  • Pour the collected urine into the flat surface jar.
  • Keep it on a still surface and wait for twenty four


After 24 hours, carefully examine the jar.If you see a thin white layer formed on the urine, the result is positive, and you can rest assured that you are coming soon. However, if the layer is not formed, probably the result is negative, and if you are doubting, you can repeat the test. Simple, isn’t it?

What forms the White Layer in the Urine?

Pregnant women normally have their urine a bit different from normal urine regarding color and smell. This has been attributed to a pregnancy hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced by the body soon after the formation of the placenta. Its levels double after every three days for about 11 weeks when they level off.

These hormones normally mix with urine, and this is what makes it cloudy, hence the presence of white layer.

Advantages of Urine Pregnancy Test

Apart from its simplicity, the following are added advantages with this kind of test:

  • Helps in maintaining privacy- since the test is performed at home, there is no worry of being exposed to other parties when you go outside to buy test kits in pharmacies.
  • It is cheaper – this test costs nothing and can, therefore, be done even if you have no money to buy test kits.With only urine, jar and a bit of patience, you are ready to go.
  • Help keep your secret- urine test will help you keep your secret as much as possible since you can do it by yourself.

Disadvantages of Urine Pregnancy Test

There are few disadvantages associated with this type of test:

  • It requires patience. This test does not give the instant result as there is a 24 hour waiting period. This can make you too anxious as you wait for the outcome.
  • There can be instances of inaccurate results. Apart from the presence of HCG that forms a white layer in the urine, other factors may be responsible for this even when you are not pregnant. These include dehydration and urinary tract infections.

When preparing for testing your pregnancy at home, you have to be ready for the outcome, which can either be positive or negative. For more accurate result, make sure you use the first urine collected in the morning and do not drink water before as this can dilute HCG concentration in the urine.


This article in only for educational purpose. We do not encourage you to rely on this test only. If you feel not comfortable or satisfied with the results then you should consult your doctor.

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