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Jelly Like Discharge: Check Your Discharge & Know When Ovulation Does Occur?

When a woman has a menstrual cycle, she will experience jelly like discharge. Its color may vary, and you need to understand which color reflects what sort of health conditions. This guide shall talk about the types of release and their significance. This version is usually before periods and is very healthy.

Vaginal discharge is normal as long as it doesn’t accompany pain, but if it is painful, you can be in serious trouble. Usually, this release predicts many biological conditions of a female reproductive system. In this guide, we shall look into the process to know more about the facts related to women’s sexual health.

Jelly-like Discharge or Cervical Mucus

Vaginal discharge is also known as cervical mucus, which indicates ovulation phases. This is normal and has nothing to do with any serious health concern. You are healthy if you have this discharge and its color can be deciphered to read the underlying health issues. The Work of this discharge is to remove the bacteria and when its texture changes, it usually indicates health issues.

Phases of Vaginal Discharge

When the jelly-like discharge occurs, you need to know its color as well. It is healthier if you have a clear release which has the texture of jelly. But if it is bloody or has some other texture, then you probably need to know the causes. You will usually get obvious discharge which is generally before your periods.

In some aspects of the menstrual cycle, you will get the discharge which is decidedly thicker. It is at this stage, that texture of vaginal discharge will be jelly-like. The color of this release is apparent and usually white. You need to gauge the release to know what it is indicating. There are some methods as per which you can find out what your release suggests.

How to Check Your Discharge?

You need to check the cervical mucus in three ways which are as follows:

  1. Wipe the vaginal opening with a toilet paper after you pee. It will tell you the color and texture of vaginal discharge.
  2. You can also check the discharge through your fingers. You put your clean fingers in the vagina and color of mucus will indicate the health status of the reproductive system.
  3. The Third method employs checking the mucus by rubbing it. You need to rub this mucus between your thumb and index finger.

To check what does the mucus color indicate, you can check the chart below. You can also check the discharge internally with the following procedures:

  • Feel the cervix by inserting two fingers.
  • Put one finger on the side of the uterus.
  • Give a gentle press against the cervix.
  • Collect the fluid from the uterus very gently.

After you have collected the discharge, you need to observe its color as well. The section following this talks about the different release and the indications they give.

Right time to Carry out the Vaginal Discharge Test

You can look forward to the right time to understand what the vaginal discharge will indicate. Avoid sex or make use of contraceptives like condoms if you are going to carry vaginal discharge test. If you are sexually active at that time, your body will produce more mucus. It will further create confusion while you are carrying out the analysis.

Texture and Color of Vaginal Discharge

You can look forward to the following texture and color of the vaginal discharge. Trace the chart below:

Dry discharge indicates the absence of cervical fluid. In this case, your vagina will feel dry. The vaginal region is a bit moist in that case.

Sticky discharge demonstrates that cervical fluid is viscous and has a glue-like the texture as well. The mucus is such that it will break on stretching and it will probably be of yellowish or white color. It may or may not be sticky, but you will get this discharge before or after your ovulation period.

Creamy discharge indicates a texture which resembles a lotion. Its color would be yellow or similar to milk. On stretching, this mucus will not break easily but has a more elongated appearance.

Watery discharge: If the cervical fluid is clear and resembles water, you are probably in your fertile phase. The timing of this egg is generally before you get the cervical fluid.

Egg white-like discharge: You are probably in your most fertile phase when you get a vaginal discharge with egg white appearance. The texture of this release is quite stretchable when put between your thumb and index finger.

Spotting or bleeding: The color of this discharge is red, brown or pink. It is also considered to be quite normal as you will get these before or after your menses. You will get this discharge before your periods. Therefore, it is supposed to be very normal.

Other than the above types of vaginal discharge, it is only the menses you need to know about. The blood flow is very normal or heavy, and you will need a pad or tampon.

Ovulation time and Discharge – Is It Connected?

Mucus gets discharged at a specific timing, and you need to know the reasons behind that. The Mucus is thick for a few days before your period begins. Many times, women experience a thick glob of mucus, which comes much before your period. But this is infertile, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Time of Ovulation – When does it Occur?

To understand your body and physiological functions, you need to know the time of ovulation. It is a monthly process in which hormonal changes come up when eggs are released. Right time of ovulation is 12 to 16 days before your periods. It is the time when the ovaries release the eggs.

When these eggs don’t get fused with sperms, you get menses. But a few days before your periods, you will get vaginal discharge. If you know the phases of vaginal release, you can manage your health well. So try recording the vaginal discharge cycle and know what your reproductive health is indicating.

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