Pine Sol pregnancy test

How to Do Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Pine Sol

You must have come across a number of home-based pregnancy tests. Such tests have been in existence for a number of years. Because of the reason that during the ancient times when the science was not advanced, then people would use such methods for pregnancy detection. And they indeed were quite accurate and used to detect early pregnancies.  However, with the changing times, there are plenty of other scientifically backed pregnancy test products that help to provide accurate pregnancy result. However, there is nothing wrong to have a bit of information about the home-based methods too.

Out of so many home-based testing methods here we will discuss one of the most common pregnancy tests methods with the help of pine sol. Before beginning any test, one thing to keep in mind is to follow the instructions properly and accurately. Pine-sol utilizes the same technique for pregnancy detection as the modern test kits that are the presence of HCG in the urine. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy in the to-be mom’s body. HCG can be detected in her blood and urine.

HCG levels scale up with every passing day, and after four weeks of pregnancy, they could be easily identified. So, it is advisable that the test is taken at the right time else if it is taken too early or any carelessness may lead to incorrect results. For example, a dirty cup or vessel may contaminate the pine sol, and it would mislead you with the results.

What you need for pine sol test:

1.) A vessel (white disposable cups would be good, and it should be completely clean and sterilized).

2.) 1 bottle pine sol undiluted (always use the standard one, without any scents or extra ingredients, check the manufacturing date and it should not be too old).

3.) First-morning urine (few drops of it will do, avoid drinking a lot of water the previous night as it can dilute the urine. Consume regular food the day before you are planning to take the test for a more accurate result).

Take the pine sol in a vessel and add a few drops of the first-morning urine to it. You will certainly observe a chemical reaction if you are pregnant. The pine sol may foam or froth because of the presence of HCG (that is the hormone produced in the bodies of pregnant women). In some cases, it may also change its color from brownish gold to blue or green. These outward changes are an indicator of pregnancy.

The color changes happen within few seconds or to a maximum of a minute after adding the urine. The froth and foam are also indicative of pregnancy. If nothing happens to the solution, then it means that either you are not pregnant or you took the test a bit too early. The credibility of such test is not scientifically proven, so it is always an innovative idea to proceed for a medical checkup before you confirm this news.

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