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Pregnancy Symptoms: 12 Early Signs of Pregnancy

The chances of your pregnancy always exist each time you practice sex. If you are not prepared for the time being for a child, you need to be extra careful. Always be alert and check for the early symptoms of pregnancy whenever you have intercourse.

You can come across initial symptoms of pregnancy after a minimal period of four weeks. Missing your periods is the first sign of pregnancy. There are other symptoms as well that indicate that you are pregnant and are briefly discussed in the write-up.

Initial Symptoms That Indicate Your Pregnancy:

The symptoms of being pregnant at the very initial stage may vary from person to person. The pregnancy period goes tough for some since start while for others it goes as smooth as they hardly face any problems and changes in the body.

But if you are pregnant, some of the early signs and changes can be:

Vomiting or Just the Vomiting Sensation:

It is a usual symptom of morning sickness. You may face this symptom from the first or second week of conception and may end if the 12th week of pregnancy. It is not necessary that everyone gets to suffer from this symptom but is usually seen in maximum women.

You May Feel Nauseous:

Nausea is yet another sign of morning sickness. Morning sickness may sound like it lets you suffer only during morning hours, but it is not so, you may face these issues at any point of time. Nausea may lead you to stress and irritation. It makes you feel uneasy. This symptom is profound during the first trimester.

You May Feel Tired and Dizzy All the Time:

The changes in the body during pregnancy are numerous. And its signs and symptoms differ from person to person. Feeling lethargic and sleepy during any hour of the day is one of the common symptoms of early pregnancy.

Back Pain:

Some of you may go through severe back pain. It is generally due to stretching of your belly. It may start after the completion of the fourth week of pregnancy but end up after the birth of your child.


If proper care is not taken during pregnancy, the back pain may remain forever, even post-delivery.

Frequent Mood Swings:

Your body undergoes frequent and numerous changes. Not only the hormonal changes but physical changes too. And it is not easy for you to accept these changes readily. Which in turn, leads to unusual moods and unexpected reactions to the situation. This symptom prevails much in the first trimester of pregnancy. It gradually decreases when you get used to the changes and are ready to accept the upcoming change.

Change in Taste

You may experience the change in your taste buds. You may hate the food you loved before conceiving. On the other hand, you may have cravings for certain foods. You can observe these changes as early as four weeks after conception.

Swelling in Your Feet or other Parts of the Body:

Suddenly you start feeling bloated and heavy. Standing or sitting with no proper support to your feet for a long duration leads to swelling in feet. You may observe the changes in other parts of the body too. These changes may be new to you and may make you feel uncomfortable. But these are temporary and long gone with your pregnancy.

Change in Your Breast Size:

Your breast may be bloated. You may feel the increase in size or heavier breasts. This change usually occurs within two weeks of conception.


It may be a result of lowering your blood pressure. You feel the loss of strength in due to dilation of blood vessels. It always keeps you looking for a chance to sleep or just lie down. You may sometimes feel very weak or even faint. You can feel this symptom from the second week of pregnancy.

Increase or Loss of Appetite:

The changes in appetite highly depend on hormonal changes. The response of every pregnant individual is different as per her body. This is also one of the most common signs of pregnancy.

Frequent Urination:

Your urge to pass urine on a regular basis during pregnancy is mainly due to increase in pressure on the gallbladder. The pressure on bladder increases with increase in the size of your uterus. This symptom follows you till the end of your pregnancy.

Slight Cramps or Bleeding:

Vaginal bleeding or cramping in your stomach is one of the early signs of pregnancy. You can observe this sign of pregnancy as early as the first or second week of fertilization. The bleeding during this period is not heavy like periods but sort of spot.

Cramping in the stomach is like that of menstrual cramps. The other early signs may be a headache, increased sleep, low efficiency to work and constipation. But as already discussed above, everybody responds differently to this situation. If you observe any of the above-mentioned sign; it is advisable to check for pregnancy or see a doctor.

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