mustard powder pregnancy test

How to Do Pregnancy Test with Mustard Powder

In this method, you use mustard powder to conduct a home pregnancy test. It is quite different from other homemade test approaches in that no urine sample is required for it to work. It is useful especially if you miss your normal menstrual cycle and suspect that the delay may be as a result of you being pregnant.

What You Need to Perform this Test

The requirements for performing the test is simple; you simply need one bowl of fresh mustard powder and warm water in a bathtub.

How to Perform Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Fill the bathtub with warm water and add mustard powder. Using your hand, thoroughly mix the powder until all particles are dissolved. Soak yourself in it for about 20 minutes then rinse yourself using clean, warm water. You then need to wait for a maximum of two days to get the result and so the need to be patient. The test works by heating the body and consequently triggers your periods.

Result and Interpretation

If your menstrual cycle starts two to three days after the test, it means you only had an irregular month of which the delay may be as a result of other menstrual problems and therefore not negative result. However, if there are still delayed periods, there is a higher probability that your baby is on the way and so the need to prepare yourself for prenatal services.

Reliability of the Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

This test is simple and less costly. Mustard powder is used in almost every homestead for baking requirements and therefore available in most of the local groceries and markets.

This test has been used by many women to get reliable results if used by following proper instructions otherwise the result may be compromised. First, you only need to use natural powdered mustard seeds since other mustard found in stores and supermarkets may have other added ingredients and will therefore not work for this test. Ensure that allotted time of soaking yourself is adhered to.

It is advisable that you do not stay in the water for too long or for fewer minutes as this can have an adverse effect on results. Again, prolonged stay in water may cause skin irritation and blisters. The test should be done before the normal bath routine because if done after, the body temperature might be interfered with.

Use of recommended amount of mustard powder is encouraged as too much or too less will have a direct impact on the concentration of the mixture and so give inaccurate results. Similarly, you need to use enough water that covers the whole part of your body except the head. This will ensure that most of your body will have direct contact with the mixture and hence simultaneous stimulation. Please be patient as you wait for results. If you are too eager to know your status, then you are encouraged to go for other homemade tests that give prompt results such as the use of vinegar, toothpaste and baking powder.

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