test pregnancy naturally with vinegar

How to Test Pregnancy Naturally at Home with Vinegar

Natural Homemade Pregnancy Test with Vinegar

Sometimes it happens that you are uncertain about your pregnancy. For somebody pregnancy can be a peaceful movement and might be someone is not ready to conceive. Whatever the situation is you want to confirm the pregnancy as soon as possible. Sometimes it becomes hard to go to the drugstore and buy a kit and does the pregnancy test. Now you do not have to worry about going out and find a pregnancy test kit; you just go to your kitchen take vinegar and confirm your pregnancy. So far I think you are surprised to know that vinegar can be used as a pregnancy indicator. When there were no pregnancy kit available women used to confirm the pregnancy with the help of vinegar. Today in this article I am going to tell you everything about how to test pregnancy naturally at home with vinegar.

Method to do the Pregnancy test with Vinegar

It is very straightforward and effortless process. In a clean and sterile container take 1 cup white vinegar and add ½ cup first urine of morning. Then mix them well and leave for 5 minutes. If the colour of this solution changes, it means you are expecting a baby and if the solution does not alter the colour means you are not pregnant. It is better if you do vinegar pregnancy test in the transparent container so that you can easily see the change in the colour of the solution.

Things to remember while doing Pregnancy Test with Vinegar

  1. Take only white vinegar because it is transparent in color so that you will be easily able to see the change in the color of the mixture. If you take any other kind of vinegar, you will not be able to recognise the change in the tone.
  2. The container you are using for pregnancy test must be clean and sterile otherwise bacteria present in the container can affect the result.
  1. If you are on some medication, you might not get the accurate results.
  1. When you add the urine in vinegar, it can make foam or froths. Frothing or foaming does not indicate pregnancy. Only color change is the sign of gestation.

How Vinegar Pregnancy Test works

Vinegar test works like a pregnancy test kit. When you are pregnant, your body starts to produce HCG hormones. The level of HCG hormones is highest in the morning urine. So it is always better to use the first urine of morning. These HCG hormones react to vinegar, and the solution changes the color.

Vinegar is easily available and gives more accurate results than other homemade pregnancy tests. For some women, vinegar test works as accurate as a pregnancy test kit, but for some women, it does not give the exact results. If you are in a hurry to confirm your pregnancy and do not want to go out to take a pregnancy test kit, you can try this method to confirm your pregnancy. Do not wait just try this method and make your opinion about the vinegar pregnancy test.

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