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Safe Sex Without a Condom & Not Getting Pregnant

Many girls and women don’t want to take hormone pills, don’t like contraceptives and consider the use of condoms to be unpleasant. But they want to make love without the risk of getting pregnant. And why not? Nowadays, there are a lot of options for how not to get pregnant without being protected by uncomfortable methods. Some of them are the most modern, others – have come down to us from ancient times. At the same time, the effectiveness of any method that protects against unwanted pregnancy depends on many different factors (both external and internal) and when used correctly, may prevent pregnancy. We will talk about most useful of these methods, but we warn you in advance that the risk of getting pregnant is still high. After all, even if such barrier contraception as a condom can’t guarantee 100% result, then how sex can be safe without any protection?

Method #1: Calculate Dangerous Days

This method is considered the most reliable. Keep an eye on your menstrual cycle and calculate “dangerous days.” The maximum probability of getting pregnant is during the period of ovulation – just a few days. However, all calculations are approximate.

Method #2: The Place is Important

You can make love in water. It is based on the belief that you can get pregnant only if the sperm doesn’t come in contact with air, water, and other substances. In other words, it is understood that when a partner “finishes” in water, this will not affect your subsequent condition in any way (even if a certain amount of sperm enters your body).

Method #3: The Position is Important

Another tip is to have “vertical” sex. It means that it is necessary to end the sexual act when a woman is on top and doesn’t lie down after ejaculation. In the horizontal position, sperm penetrates to the uterus freely. When a woman stands on her feet or sits on top, the sperm will simply flow out, reducing the possibility of pregnancy to a minimum.

Method #4: Use Some Additional Lubricant

The probability of getting pregnant is much higher in those girls who have less lubrication in the body. The fact is that lubrication prevents the free movement of sperm to the uterus. And if you also use additional lubricant during sexual intercourse, then it will provide you with extra protection from unwanted pregnancy.

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Method #5: Use Emergency Contraception

Anyone, who is interested in the question of how not to get pregnant without being protected, necessarily has to know more about emergency contraception. It helps in situations when unprotected intimacy has already happened, and sperm has got inside with a sufficiently high degree of probability. In this case, you will need such emergency methods. The maximum period for your reaction is 72 hours, i.e., it makes sense to do something only during this time. And the earlier you do it, the more reliable it is. You can take special medicines (there are many of them in any pharmacy) with a high content of hormones. The most important thing is not to lose time. Only thus you will have time to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. (see more tips for dating here: )

Method #6: Use Special Creams

If you don’t want to drink pills, then try various lubricants, creams, etc. In almost all cases, these contraceptives contain spermicides – substances that affect the mobility and viability of spermatozoa. All you need is to lubricate the walls of the vagina with cream (or something else) before you have sex. The reliability of this method is great enough. So, don’t worry about an unwanted pregnancy within an hour after using it.

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