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The Main Reason Behind Abortion: Unmarried Girls

Love, sex, relationship, and pregnancy all are very personal matters of one’s life. The reason for abortion can be numerous and vary for an individual, but it highly depends on the social being around them.

The child before marriage, puts a significant question mark?

Why unmarried girls undertake abortion?

Unmarried girls may have numerous reasons for calling out abortion.  According to a survey carried out, some of the common causes are discussed below.

  • Financial Incapability :

Most of the unwed girls who take up with abortions are teenagers.  They are either school going or college going.  At this stage, they don’t earn enough to take care of a child.

  • Fake and Uncommitted Partners:

Girls, who are not ready for being single mothers, often opt for abortion. Their partners who were prepared to commit or get married suddenly back off. In such a situation, girls are not left with any other option than abortion.

  • Not Ready For Motherhood:

Another reason that comes out during the survey is they are not ready for being a mother. And the reason is different for different people.

  1. They don’t think they are capable of handling a child.
  2. They don’t want to lose their freedom and liberty to a child’s responsibility.
  3. Few of them think they are not mature enough to take care of a child.
  4. Don’t want to accept the changes in their lifestyle.
  5. Need their personal space for relationship and partner.
  • Don’t Want To Interrupt Personal Life; Studies / Job:

The research says that the teens or unwed adult girls who plan to give birth to the baby over abortion have to compromise their professional life.

  • If a school going girl takes up for baby, her studies suffer a lot. There are least chances of higher studies and better results.
  • If you are already taking up with Professional courses or graduation, you may have to drop out due to the financial crisis.
  • If you are a single mother and working, you may have to back off from your job, due to the responsibility of your child.

In all the above mentioned cases, the chances of a better career and higher earnings are not possible. As a consequence, you will not be able to fulfill your requirement and child will also have to suffer poverty.

  • Don’t Want to Disclose to The World About Sexual Affairs:

The society and people around you have a significant impact on your personal life and its decisions. If the atmosphere we live in is not adaptive, we try out to hide the things. Especially when people consider premarital sex a taboo, you are not left with any other option.

So all you choose is to keep your relationship to yourself.  You don’t feel comfortable sharing it with people. And if in such a case, you are pregnant; the result is nothing but abortion.

  • Parent’s Pressure :

If you conceive in your teenage, then the decision to give birth to the child or not highly depends on the parents.  And most of the parents carry an adverse verdict regarding the birth of the child.

The result is abortion. They are often worried about their girl’s future, her life, her marriage, her career and so on. Even the unmarried girl wants to have the child; she has to take up with abortion due to parental pressure.

  • Partner’s Choice:

Live-in relationship is quite prevailing across the world. Guys want to be in relationship, have fun, love, enjoy, but when it comes to responsibility, they deny. So they pressurize the girl to go for abortion.

It is all fine to be in love, in a relationship or have sex. But all you should be alert to have safe sex with precautionary measures. Abortions may lead to several complications for a girl.

Even if you opt for abortion, to carry it out at the right time is essential; else you may risk your own life. The safest period for an abortion is up to nine weeks. If you take up with abortion after that, it’s risky.


The most common method adopted by teens to terminate their unplanned pregnancy is with the help of pills. The pills are reliable and useful only if you follow up to take with early pregnancy that is, within the nine weeks of conception.

The pill that is highly used by teens for abortion is ‘mifepristone.’

The pill works by breaking the uterine line. Once the uterine line breaks, you have to take up with other medicine. The name of the other pill is ‘misoprostol.’ It aims at making the uterus empty.

This way of abortion is called drug-induced abortion. In most of the cases it works, but if in any case, it fails, you have to go with an aspiration abortion.

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