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What is the Birth Control Pill?

Birth control pills are a type of medication with hormones. Women consume birth control medicines to prevent pregnancy. Usually, there are different kinds of birth control pills available at the pharmacy store. The tablet or medication is efficient, affordable and safe if you consume it on time. Birth control pill not only prevents pregnancy, but also has some health advantages.

How Birth Control Medicine Provides Precaution Against Pregnancy?

The birth control medicine works very efficiently. It stops the sperm from coming in contact with an egg. The hormones present in the medication helps to inhibit ovulation. If there is no ovulation, it means your egg is not swaying around the sperm for fertilization.

The hormones in the birth control pills also thicken the mucus on the uterus to control the pregnancy. Usually, thicker cervical mucus does not allow the sperm to enter into an egg. Birth control pills are a kind of precaution or security guard for all women. They can control their pregnancy easily with the help of medicines.

How a Woman makes the Birth Control Pill to Work for her Efficiently?

It is essential for a lady or a woman to take the pills on time. Make sure you take medicine on time so that the results are compelling. Here are some useful ways which will surely guide you to take birth control pills regularly:-

  • Start using reminder application which can assist you to set the alarm and take pills on time.
  • Keep a birth control pill pack near your bed.
  • You can keep your pills in your purse so that you can swallow pills efficiently and on time.
  • You can also tell your partner or any other family member to remind you for taking pills every day.

If you want to be more sure about your pregnancy, use safe condoms before having sex. It will restrict sperm from entering into the vagina and also help to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Do the Birth Control Pills Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?

Birth control pills will probably help to control your pregnancy or gestation period, but it would not protect and safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases.

You can use condoms for more safety. Condoms will assist you to get away from sexually transmitted diseases. The one best thing about condoms is that they also help to control pregnancy. People can take birth control pills plus condoms to get protected against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases at the same time.

How Beneficial is the Birth Control Pill?

If a woman is taking birth control pill regularly, on time, it can be a best and a necessary precaution against pregnancy. But, if a woman sticks to some other tablets or taking it irregularly then it can be less efficient or may not work correctly.

When the birth control pill is taken or used on a regular basis, then it is 99 percent safe for a woman. On the contrary, Practically the birth control pill is 91 percent effective, because sometimes it cannot work efficiently and effectively. So 9 out of 100 people get pregnant every year in spite the regular use of pills.

It is better if you take the pill every day and that too on time. It will surely work in the desired manner. But there is always that 9 percent risk involved even if you take birth control pills correctly and properly.

If you are very much concerned about the protection against pregnancy, then you should also check out other birth control methods. Techniques such as the implant and IUDs can prove to be helpful. They are the most effective birth control methods. But if you are deciding that birth control pill is right for you, make sure that you are consuming the pill on time to achieve expected results

How Much Time a Birth Control Pill Take to Work?

All it depends on when you are consuming birth control pills. A woman can take her first medicine any day, but she must require a backup of birth control technique such as (condoms) for at least seven days.

Combination Birth Control Pills (COCs)-

  • If you start taking pills in combination within five days after your menstrual cycle begins, then you may get protected from pregnancy very efficiently. For example- if your menstruation cycle starts from Sunday evening then you can take pills until Friday evening to control the fertility efficiently.
  • In case, you are taking combination pills anytime; you will be safe against pregnancy after seven days. If you are not sure about birth control pills, then you can try other reliable methods such as female condoms for more safety.

Progestin-only Pills

A woman can take progestin-only pills at any time. After taking a progestin-only tablet, you will be secure or protected after two days. So use other methods to get protected against pregnancy (such as condoms) during vaginal sex.

Always consult your healthcare provider or doctor while taking birth control pill, they will probably assist you how to take pills or on what time and how efficiently a medicine will work.

What Lowers the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills?

The first and foremost reason is not consuming pills on a regular basis. But some other things such as diarrhea and nausea issue for more than two days can lessen the effectiveness of the birth control pill. The pill is less beneficial or useful for an obese woman.

Some other reasons or supplements which can make the birth control pill not efficiently work are –

  • Specific human immune virus (HIV) medications.
  • The antibiotic rifampin tablet. Usually, any other antibiotics do not make the birth control pill less effective.
  • Anti-seizure medications.
  • The anti fungal griseofulvin.

All these medications make the birth control pill less effective. Avoid taking certain drugs while using any birth control pill to control pregnancy.

Final Words:

Take the birth control pill as directed. It will protect you against pregnancy. Try to use other measures that can ensure you more safety. The combination of birth control pill and condoms is very effective method against pregnancy.

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